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B. Sexy - Cassis and Black Vanilla

Already have one of gorgeous jars? Use me to fill it up!


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500g of your favourite Vac By B. in this reusable zipper bag – ready to fill up your jars!

Vac By B. is designed to freshen your carpets and fragrance your home. 
Simply shake your favourite scents over your carpet or rug leave for 20 minutes and vaccum.
You can also add an extra dash to your bins to help keep these nasty smells at bay.

You’re home will be smelling of your favourite signature scent in no time!

We would advise that whilst your Vac By B. is down, keep pets and children out of the room until you have vaccumed.

Please check your filter regularly when using Vac By B. as we will not accept liability of damages to vaccums from misuse.