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Wax By B’s Story! - Wax Melts & Beyond

Ever since I was a little girl I have associated some of my earliest memories with scent. I strongly believe that scent is our biggest memory trigger and I love the way amazing memories can be tied together and brought alive from a scent, which is how I feel in love with creating wax melts.

Wax By B. started on my kitchen table in 2019. What started as a hobby soon became an obsession and I loved to learn more about fragrances, especially those that complement each other to fill our homes with a touch of luxury. We created our hand-poured wax melts to allow everyone to experience these scents in their own homes! 

Since then, we have grown as a business constantly expanding our scent collection and opening our own store. Located in the heart of Plymouth, our Faraday Mill store is open to the public to come and browse our signature scents and pick their favourites. We have also focused our efforts into creating the best possible online store, so all our fans can order their favorite scents and burners without having to ever leave their homes.

Some scents pack a punch whilst others will subtly sweep through your home, and whilst our signature wax melts scents tell a story of their own, they are now ready to fill your home whilst you make memories that’ll last forever. You can browse our full range of products here including our 

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