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5 Reasons To Choose a Wax Melt Over Candles

So it’s no secret that I am a wax melt lover (what gave it away?!) but there are some perks to these gorgeous fragranced goodies. In this blog I’ll highlight 5 reasons to choose wax melts over traditional candles. 

  1. Wax melts can be flame-free

Did you know that candles are one of the most common causes of a house fire in the UK? Whilst the flicker of the flame can be cosy, it’s better to choose an electric wax melt burner which is completely flame free. 

  1. Wax melts don’t contain Paraffin Wax 

Most commercial candles contain paraffin wax as it’s cheaper and easier to produce. Because paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, there’s some heavy debate over whether burning this type of candle is good for our health. Here at Wax By B, we use our own blend of natural soy wax. Along with vegan oils and biodegradable glitters, sustainable and eco friendly products are used throughout our range!  

  1. You can control the scent with wax melts

Wax melts come in all shapes and sizes, from pick n’ mix hearts wax melts to bags of brittle. This means it’s super easy to control the scent. Not strong enough? Break off a piece and melt a little more! 

  1. You can make your own scent 

Don’t be limited to the specific scent on the candle jar. With wax melts you can mix and match depending on your mood. How about melting fresh fruity scents like Rhubarb gone wild wax melts with the creamy and indulgent spiced vanilla & tonka wax melts? The possibilities are endless and you can get a lot more out of wax melts than you can a single candle. 

  1. Wax melts are fun! 

There’s nothing better than getting a brand new scent that you can’t wait to melt. Admit it, it’s fun to snap, break or crumble and watch the colours merge  into each other in a dreamy melt pool. Wax melts come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you can explore different scents to suit your mood. 

A note from Wax By B 

Here at Wax By B, I am constantly innovating and growing my business to offer more and more delicious wax melt scents. You can follow my journey on Facebook or Instagram, or visit my shop at Unit 22, Faraday Mill Business Park. 

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